Sunday, November 2

Reminded why I like John McCain

He hosted a few years ago and it was hilarious. Then again, SNL can make me a fan of almost anybody.

I think McCain is funnier than Obama. Why did he wait so long to bring out the humor in his campaign?

Here's McCain talking about his new strategy to be a "double maverick":

In a better world, McCain would not have had to court the conservative base, could have run on a platform with some major points being immigration reform and climate control, and could have picked Joe Lieberman as his running mate. I don't know if that would have been enough to sway my vote, but it would have made the decision a lot harder.


  1. I've already ordered the commemorative plates and a set of pork knives.

    No 'Palin 2012' shirt, though.

  2. Mmm. I had pork for dinner today. I only like cutting out the pork as long as I get to eat it.

  3. It was a brilliant episode. It even made me like Ben Affleck for like two seconds- The Oberman Sketch was HILARIOUS!

  4. It was definitely one of the best episodes of this season. The Olbermann skit was awesome! And the fact that Affleck is a huge lefty, makes it even funnier!

    If anything McCain can take away from this and anyone, including Gore in 2000, is be true to yourself and the people will follow. Gore lost b/c he was trying to be too "central" and McCain is losing b/c he is stretching too far out of his comfort zone too.

  5. Mccain's SNL episode in 2002? One of my all-time fave episodes.

    McCain fought the good fight. I don't think we'll see a bitter old man, but a Senior Statesman working on his legacy of bipartisan bills. It's unfortunate he couldn't have Lieberman on the ticket, but really is impressive how well he did with the "Republican" Brand name.


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