Friday, May 22

LDS-related posts are still moving

I recently deleted my "best and worst Mormon quotes" post, because it has moved (and been improved quite a bit) to Mormon Matters. I realized that one of the reasons I started posting there was that I have many friends and readers of this blog who are not as interested in the Mormon stuff (just as I had earlier moved my personal stuff to a different blog, as well as all the baby photos (if you want links those, send me an email).

So, for the future, I will try to keep the solely-LDS posts at Mormon Matters, although I may at least announce here when I have a new post there. My new MM most: Best and Worst of Mormonism: Quotes!

So, if it's a purely LDS topic, it will be there. If it's a mixture Buddhism, Mormonism, Science, etc. then it may still go up here.



  1. Please do post links here- I don't check MM often enough.

  2. ditto what allie said.

  3. Allie / G - I added a feed for just my posts on MM--to the left, with the most recent three, and dates, etc. Will that do?

  4. Here is the feed for just my posts if you want to subscribe to it or put it on your blogs, etc.


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