Tuesday, October 16

The Best Show Ever...along with all those other good shows

We're officially hooked on The Office. We would like to thank everyone who ever mentioned this show to us. It is kind of like getting a new pair of shoes that you're not so sure about at first--a little uncomfortable--but once you break them in you never want to stop wearing them (or watching it).


  1. We watch The Office sometimes, and it's funny, but a lot of the time, I can hardly stand to watch it. It's painful. But funny.

    Have you watch old episodes, or just new ones. My favorite is the one where Pam and Jim are sending Dwight secret messages "recruiting" him into the FBI or CIA or something. At the end, he's on the roof waiting to be picked up by helicopter and he gets a call saying he's been found out, abort mission! abort mission! so he throws his cell phone off of the roof.

    It's hilarious.

  2. I know what you mean--Michael is painful to watch a lot of the time. Dwight is hilarious though.

    The one you mentioned reminded me of last week's episode, where Pam pretends to be the 'website' who is battling Dwight in sales.

    We watched the first season, and season 2 is coming via netflix. We're also watching the current season.

  3. We got hooked on a couple other shows you recommended and I refuse to start the Office as I will find time to watch it and I cannot.

    Sorry, maybe we will get it on DVD and watch it at the Branscomb Rd. House.

  4. Good for you. : ) These shows are kind of like a virus.

  5. Yeah...your welcome! So glad that you've started watching it. I crack up just thinking about it.


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