Monday, October 29

Shenpa in Real Life

I feel shenpa when:

Other drivers cut in front of me without using their signal. When my head itches during a counseling session. When I read about republicans who care more about corporations than individuals. When individuals care more about issues than relationships. When democrats care more about rights than responsibilities. When I am labeled. When people tell me war is good for the economy. When church people care more about fuzziness than reality. When I have a headache. When I tell someone about a very personal experience, and they mock me behind my back. When I have a hangnail. When people care more about being funny than being polite. When someone tells me I need to do something differently. When I'm hungry and there's a tasty donut in front of me. When an 11 year-old boy in Sunday School answers all of my questions with "video games!" When I see a group of driving hooligans yell at an old man trying to cross a busy street. When I don't feel like studying. When someone else tells me what I believe.


  1. I feel it whenever I hear or see "W". I feel it when I think about the 655,000 'excess' Iraqis who have died since we invaded in March of 2003. I feel it when my R and Mormon friends tell me we have to fight over there or will be fighting them here.. If I really wanted to experience it more I could keep on going with my list, but I won't.

  2. One more to add to the list and you can read about it on View from the Stern. It is about dumb Oreo ads and vouchers by Richard and Linda Eyre.


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