Friday, December 7

One more reason why I'll never live in Tooele

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

"Thad LeVar of Tooele discovered he was the victim of a vandal Wednesday after someone painted gang graffiti on his home's retaining wall. Before he had a chance to report the vandalism, a neighbor called the city to complain and a code enforcement officer from Tooele's Community Development Department came to his home and left a notice that he would receive a citation if the graffiti was not removed within seven days.

What the officer did not do was report the vandalism to the Tooele Police Department, even though graffiti is a crime. LeVar did contact the police, and they were quite interested in taking a report and investigating the graffiti. Here's a radical thought: What if those two government departments of the city of Tooele actually talked with each other?"

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