Saturday, December 8

Top 5 in 2007

My favorite movies of 2007 (including their Tomatometer ranking):

1 - Amazing Grace - 71% (Maybe the most inspiring movie, ever (to me). Period. Some lackluster reviews--don't pay attention to them.)
2 - Hairspray - 93% (Makes me want to dance! With a nice story thrown in as well, and Christopher Walken!)
3 - The Bourne Ultimatum - 93% (The best in the series)
4 - Transformers - 56% (Any movie that can get me squealing for joy like an 8 year old is a good movie)
5 - Ocean's Thirteen - 69% (Also my favorite in the series)

Not on the list because I still need to see them:
-No Country for Old Men - 96%
-Enchanted - 94%
-I am Legend - n/a
-Sicko - 93%

And the "Biggest Waste of a $1 rental" award goes to Ghost Rider - 27%, which wasn't even bad in a funny way. It was just bad.

Anything you would recommend? What was your favorite movie this year?


  1. Yup! I loved those movies too....and Ghost Rider, mmm not much at all. Look! I am commenting on your blog!:)

  2. I finally saw No Country For Old Men this weekend. It's a must-see. There is so much tension in the movie, created through flawless editing and storytelling. It's realizations (questions left unanswered) about evil and its motivations and sources are unnerving. Everything about this movie was great.

    Also worth worth recommending is "Once" - it's the best story about love I've seen put on film in a long time. The simplicity of it is its greatest strength - plus great music.

  3. No Country is a movie you may hate... but still respect. It's an exceptional piece of film, even if it leaves you saying "No!" outloud when the credits roll.

  4. August Rush was a beautiful movie. It was slow at times but the beauty of the film and the music kept me entertained. So tastefully done. And, it could have easily put in a sex scene and chose not to do so.

    By far, my number one movie this year, number two- Live Free Die Hard.

  5. I went to RT and looked at their best movie list and did not recognize a singular one in the top 20 for 2007. Something is wrong here. I think I have been missing too many movies or something.

  6. I just looked as well, and only recognized a couple. One would probably only recognize the movies with over a hundred reviews anyway. The top 40 are all 90% or higher.


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