Tuesday, April 1


Check out some more pictures!. By the way, you can leave comments on the Flickr photos if you have a Yahoo! Mail account.


  1. you know, i actually appreciated the comment on my last posting. i, unfortunately need that reassurance that people are actually reading. surprise, surprise, you're the only one that wrote anything. so thanks and by the way what's a shenpa warrior? just curious.

  2. Basically, to me, shenpa is a Buddhist concept representing the urge to react negatively--to respond to a harsh word with another one, to give in to temptation, or even to scratch a mosquito bite when that will only make it worse. So "shenpa warrior" is kind of my own personal journey through life learning to become more patient, kind, etc., and less reactive and weak minded.

    A much better explanation is here, but it's longer. :)


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