Tuesday, April 22

Mormon safe

During the lunch break of a faculty meeting I attended today I poured a cup of what I thought was apple juice. I sat down and started eating my sandwich, and took a swig of said beverage. It was not an apple-based drink. I went back to the table where the food was and asked a professor, "Is this drink Mormon safe?" He said, "no, it's iced tea." Another professor added, "Adam, you are not Mormon safe."

Bishop, if you're reading this, that is the third time I have broken the Word of Wisdom, lol. Fourth if you count the Monster I drank a few weeks ago. 57th if you count the Dr. Pepper in high school. 9,723rd if you count all the delicious buffalo steaks and Wendy's #4s consumed outside of a famine.


  1. Adam,

    Don't forget all those quarter pops and Totinos Party Pizzas. I'm still repenting for those things!

    Loved the "Lost Tour" Photos. Really Cool.


  2. Lol - Yeah those pizzas are definitely breaking commandment... And the fact that the Wendy's were often consumed at 12:01 am Monday morning. :)


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