Sunday, May 4

Iron Man (I can has cheezburger?)

After a really great post on American consumerism last week at Mormon Matters last week, I felt inspired and energized to begin my gradual shunning of all things corporate America...

Well, it's going to take a while longer, because last night I saw Iron Man (which is a GREAT movie by the way, I knew nothing about the character--it was surprisingly entertaining and funny, especially as a summer blockbuster). So, yeah, I still give in to the Hollywood machine. Anyway, during the movie there is some shameless product placement (which is in everything now, I suppose--BUT the movie was still really good--did I already say that?). The main character, upon coming home after being held hostage in Afghanistan for three months, declares that he wants "an American cheeseburger." Guess what they bring him? Which fast-food chain is marketing Iron Man in their commercials? Yep, that's the one. I won't repeat it here, lest they get more advertising (although I have plugged the movie 3 times now).

So what's the problem? After the cheeseburger scene, I was hungry. I wanted a cheeseburger too, dang it! A friend and I went out looking for one (promising not to buy one from previously mentioned chain), and the one we wanted to go to (a local, mom and pop type with the really good shakes) was closed. Guess what was across the street.  Yep.  I still have a ways to go in terms of living up to my principles.

Iron Man: A
Cheeseburger: B+
Adam sticking to his principles: C


  1. I liked your title- clever. Kthnxbai:)

  2. Hilarious, Adam. Simply hilarious.

  3. Support corporate America. Avoid imported Chinese cheeseburgers. If we don't, all the cheeseburger cooking jobs will go offshore. We will be left with low paying, menial service jobs.

    BTW, don't eat garden burgers either, the tofu comes from sweat shops in Asia.

    I am totally serious!

  4. did you try to go to dicks? i'm so sorry you missed out my friend. ps, did you like the movie?

  5. Nah, Ron's actually. I haven't been to dicks yet either, sheesh. I'm really slacking in the burger department. I have been to In-N-Out quite a few times though. Yum.


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