Sunday, May 25

McCain on Oil and Iraq:

This quote was given a few weeks ago, but I came across it today:

"My friends, I will have an energy policy that we will be talking about, which will eliminate our dependence on oil from the Middle East that will -- that will then prevent us -- that will prevent us from having ever to send our young men and women into conflict again in the Middle East..."

So what he's saying is, if we were not dependent on oil from the Middle East, then we would not have started the war? Has he retracted this statement? He can't seriously believe this, can he? What about those of us that were told we invaded Iraq to free the Iraqis or to take down Saddam, or to fight terror?


  1. While it is hard to say what they would look like, I think we can safely say the the political balance of power in the Middle East would be vastly different without the oil economy.

    There are lots of people that are oppressed under brutal dictators. We have limited resources. Given that uncomfortable as that truth, we have to prioritize the oppressed people we will help. Thus, we end up fighting wars for oppressed people where it also serves some other economic interest for us.

  2. Bradley hit the sad reality. It's still amazing that McCain would say that. Just highlights my problem with this election. I don't like any of the options, and I have a hard time not voting or throwing my vote away on a write-in.

    McCain's just SO hard to vote for, as much as I admire his courage.

  3. I meant his courage as a soldier.

  4. It makes me sick that any of our citizens are fighting so we can have lower gas prices (obviously it's not that simple but you get my point). How could anyone send their son or daughter into war so our economy gets a boost?

    I suppose this is where one's principles come into play, and I personally believe war should be avoided at all costs, with the exception possible being the Revolutionary War. With that as my basic belief, throw on top of it this mess with oil in Iraq, McCain's comment, and that defense contractors are making all kinds of money, and you have a sad situation indeed. I don't think any company should be making anything on war. It's sick. It's the reality, but it's still sick.

    Thanks for stopping by, bradley. :)

  5. McCain's said some stupid things in his day, but this one just might take the cake.


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