Tuesday, February 10

How 'bout it Utah?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not oppose civil unions (officially, the church "does not oppose civil unions or domestic partnerships.") Repubican Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. said yesterday that he supports them. Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to mention that Esteemed Sen. Chris Buttars is against them.

For those of you still against them, what say ye?

For all of us, is this a possibility, or are we wasting our breath?


  1. Well, the church has different "official statements" depending on where you look. In the interview with Elder Oaks on the church's new site, he still is quoted saying that essentially domestic registries are the same thing as same sex marriage.

    I wish they'd take that part out of the interview or offer a statement of retraction or something. Plus, I haven't seen anything on the official website saying the church doesn't oppose civil unions. Just the Deseret News article.

  2. I think what is considered "official" in the church is the same as what is considered "Doctrine." If you agree with it, then it's official. ;)

  3. HAH! That's perfect. Very droll. :)

    I saw a billboard in Utah on the I-15 southbound with such an official statement from Equality Utah this last week. First time. I was pleasantly surprised.


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