Friday, February 13

Salt Lake Trib comments that make me smile

From "sandyboy" on fixing the immigration problem in Utah:
The only immigrants Utah should send packing are the ones that arrived es masse in 1847 bringing their ridiculous religious superstitions, litters instead of families, and cluttering the landscape with their architectural abortions....I think they called them "temples". THEN Utah might be more inhabitable.


  1. Holy crap, that's funny. Disturbing, but funny.

  2. There are times when I regret going cold turkey on the SL Trib comments.

    Good thing you can keep me informed on anything funny.

    (On the serious side- things like this irk me a little, because it makes me feel like I'm not "good enough" for either side. The problem of being a liberalish mormon... :) )

  3. wow, that was pretty awesome. this guy sounds like a real intellectual. aren't people in utah supposed to be really nice? from my recent experience, my rental was keyed, i got yelled at in line at the festival of trees and now this? where am i moving anyway???
    ps i hope you guys come to :)

  4. I broke my rule of not reading the comments so I could see it in person.

    Funny that your follow-up comment is getting thumbs down signs.

  5. Any press is good press I guess. :)

    Here's the link if anyone is curious.

    Papa D, now that I think of it a little more, the comment was a little disturbing. Anyone that refers to families as "litters" has to devalue the human race a little... yikes.

  6. Yo,

    I thought it was pretty funny...obviously, the guy is mean, but he really paints a picture, doesn't it? I've used the term "litters" before, and I don't devalue the human race. I feel like overpopulation is a serious issue and when people treat children like litters (i.e., having more than they can care for), they are acting like cats. Or pigs. Or some other animal.
    Just my two cents...could have been where this guy was coming from.

  7. Adam, just so you know, the disturbing part to me was calling the temples "abortions". That jarred, and it would have jarred even if he wasn't referring to my own religious buildings.

    If you aren't aware of it and want serious gut-busting humor, check out the following blog:

  8. Human - Sweet! I love overpopulation debates... I think the problem is that people are selfish, not that there are too many of us. Overpopulation just makes it worse, but I don't think it is the source.

    Papa D - The jarring phraseology was what really made me laugh. :)


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