Friday, August 29

VP or: McCain's Third Mate

John McCain announced this morning that Sarah Palin will be his running mate. She has only been a governor for 2 years (in Alaska) but she is a member of the NRA, so I guess the elephants will like her. It's funny he found someone with less time in office than Obama. What do you think?

Do you think he should have chosen Mitt Romney, or would that have completely ended his chances?

Are you more likely to vote for McCain with a woman VP (because really, she has a better chance than Biden of filling in as headmaster)?

Would this set up a future Hillary C. vs. Sarah P. run for POTUS in 2016? Does her nomination decrease Clinton's future appeal, or does it pave the way (hopefully) for more women in office?

How does her two years as a governor compare to Obama's two as a senator?

She has a four month-old baby boy with Downs Syndrome. She is also a career woman. Can her husband do as good of a job raising him?

Monday, August 25

mormon matters: Taxes = Satan?

Do taxes rob people of their free agency and subvert the Great Plan of Happiness?

Here's a common LDS sentiment that I seem to have a hard time avoiding:

“[Forcing] me to pay for the upkeep of another is simply the application of Satan's plan here on earth.”

Read my post here.

Saturday, August 23

Piled higher & Deeper

Applying to PhD programs in the next few months (Clinical Psychology, unless otherwise noted). Possibly ordered in terms of preference:
  1. Utah
  2. North Carolina
  3. UCLA
  4. Utah State - Combined Clinical, Counseling & School Psychology
  5. Arkansas
  6. University of Nevada-Reno
  7. UC Santa Barbara - Combined Clinical, Counseling, & School Psychology
  8. BYU
  9. Indiana - Counseling Psychology
  10. Purdue - Counseling Psychology
  11. Nebraska - JD/PhD (Law & Clinical Psychology)
Wow, 'UCLA, really?' you say? After three months of non-stop vocab study and attempting to learn some math, I actually did pretty well on the GRE (entrance exam) -- much better than I thought I was going to do. I Improved from 50th percentile on the verbal section (from 2 years ago) to 95th. I was so shocked when I got my score that my hands were shaking and I felt light-headed on the way home.

Monday, August 18

Almost sorta famous

I was contacted today by Schmap, makers of free digital map guides, about this photo that I took in Hawaii in March. Apparently it is on a "short list" to be used in a publication in the near future.

I was excited, until I realized a small problem. The guide it would be used in is for Sydney, Australia, while the photo is of the convention center in Honolulu, which pretended to be the Sydney airport for (the best show ever) LOST. Maybe no one will notice.

Wednesday, August 13

Music of My First 25 years

Some music I grew up with (thanks to my Dad's Saturday morning pancakes and cranked-up music) and some I have liked later on... I remember being so obsessed with an Offspring album that I was singing it to myself during Pioneer Trek and then put it on the first thing after we got home, even before changing out of the pioneer garb. I also remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to listen to it in heaven (because it wasn't allowed at Trek, of course!) 

I still like Lionel Richie... :)

Thanks to Hill Family for the inspiration for this post.

Sunday, August 10

Olympic Photos


Apparently a lot of the babies born on the opening day were named after the olympic mascots:

Michael Phelps:

Last but not least, the President:
Misty May was trying to coax POTUS into slapping her butt, but he made the wise choice of the back of the hand to the lower back.

Wednesday, August 6

Obamaprophecy, compressed cheerleaders, and spoiled Twilight fans

So much to blog about after the vacation... an assemblage:

My first and last link to anything Paris Hilton

I never thought I'd be promoting Paris (nor Hilton), so let this be the only time, with her (or her PR person's) response to being compared to Obama:

Her campaign website: VoteParis2008.

McCain's original ad: