Thursday, April 30

100 Days of Obama Spin. What else is new?

For the first 100 days, President Obama has stuck to the facts--mostly. Except for a few very small and meaningless deceptions... nothing wrong with dishonesty as long as it's not huge right? Republicans have struck back with some of their own spin. Chain e-mails are apparently the worst culprit. Is anyone still giving heed to these emails for anything other than amusement? The medium has been completely invalidated.

Fact Check: 100 Days of Spin.

Once again the truth can be found somewhere in the middle (as long as that middle is free from bias). I do not think it is possible to get reliable facts or accuracy from either side.

This is a problem I have seen with interpreting history as well. Are the writers of the so-called history books we are reading free from any kind of agenda or bias? If they are not, are we aware of the lenses through which they are writing or even gathering their information?

Monday, April 27

Bible: Some Have Enough, Others Can't Get Enough

***This post is a continuation from the thread on Prop. 8, which became a discussion on the Biblical interpretation and Christianity, among other things.***

A few biblical questions:
  • What kind of role does the Bible play in your life?

  • Do you view the Bible to be infallible? If so, do you believe the words or the message to be infallible?
  • With so many people (even in the same religion or faith group) disagreeing on interpretation of verses in the Bible, is an objective and "true" interpretation possible? How would you propose it?
  • Where do you get your interpretation from? Do you rely on scholars, commentaries, feelings, or a combination of the three?

Saturday, April 25

Would you let this man read to your kids?

Even for non-Lost fans, this clip is a must see. I'm hoping for a whole series of creepy nursery rhymes...

Tuesday, April 7

BYU and the difference between Apost(l)e and Apost(at)e

This may be old news now, but it's too good to pass up. Somewhere, I think God had a good laugh.

The caption below the main photo above reads "Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostates..."

Bad spell-checker? Nefarious prank by smarmy BYU IT guy? Freudian slip? Divine intervention? Or perhaps just fodder for a good laugh.