Monday, November 12

Hazardous to one's health

To do within the next two to three weeks:

-890 pages to read
-33 pages to write
-4 finals
-lose and find my identity 2-3 times
-suffer from at least one existential crisis
-waste an exorbitant amount of time playing Scrabulous


  1. Good luck with that.

    (I'm glad I'm not in school)

  2. It is nice reading only entertaining and not assigned anything. I finished Rudger Clawson and John Nuttal's diaries and have started Anthon Lund. He was a counselor to Jos. F. Smith and Heber J. Grant and a very, very bright man.

  3. I hope that the scrabulous recreation helps you to make the writing/studying/reading time more productive, otherwise your mom might have unsolicited advice for you......
    This will pass and some day in the distant future you can enjoy reading like WP.


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