Saturday, November 17

My Vote, According to the "Presidential Candidate Selector"

Any online quiz, whether it's Dante's Which Circle of Hell are you going to (I ended up in Limbo), or which Superhero are you (it told me I was Superman, but I like Batman more), are a little suspicious. With that in mind, I took the Presidential Candidate Selector, and here are my results of the main candidates, by percentage of my "supposed" agreement:

Barack Obama - 81%
John Edwards - 71%
Hillary Clinton - 61%
Bill Richardson - 61%
Ron Paul - 51%
John McCain - 33%
Rudy Giuliani - 28%
Mitt Romney - 24%
Fred Thompson - 22%


  1. Apparently the only dfference between myself and Kucinich is religion, age, and hairstyle.


  2. Maybe I should make hairstyle my "one issue" vote...
    Let's see--that leaves my choice between Romney or Edwards...

  3. I was surprised to see that Kucinich was my top choice.

  4. On another subject I found a photograph, (in a book), today of W.P. How about that? I will be scanning it and posting it and some history too.

  5. Kucinich was from a different test.

    My results from your test are:
    Barack Obama (89%)
    John Edwards (81%)
    Christopher Dodd (78%)
    Joseph Biden (77%)
    Dennis Kucinich (77%)
    Hillary Clinton (75%)
    Mike Gravel (49%)
    Ron Paul (48%)
    John McCain (43%)
    Mike Huckabee (39%)
    Rudolph Giuliani (38%)
    Elaine Brown (35%)
    Alan Keyes (30%)
    Fred Thompson (26%)
    Mitt Romney (23%)

  6. Hey-higher than me with 89%! But are you sure you don't want to vote for Elaine Brown because she's a woman?

    I think one question that put Obama higher on this quiz (Kucinich was higher for me on the other one) asks something about the candidates stance on the war prior to the initial invasion. If I'm not mistake, Obama was one of the few who was initially against it. Maybe his supporters were behind this quiz. : )

  7. Senator Obama's election committee sent me an email and according to an ABC poll in Iowa he leads Hillary by 4% today. Either one is fine but I lean toward Barack.

  8. Haha! These things are always entertaining. Actually, I think my results were in almost the exact opposite order of yours! ;-)

    I also thought it was funny that Glenn Beck had Mike Huckabee take this same quiz on the air a few weeks ago. If I remember correctly, Mr. Huckabee should vote for either Romney or Obama... I can't remember which hit highest. He only agreed with himself something like 72% of the time!

  9. That's funny! If a candidate can't agree with his online portrayal, does that mean this quiz has an error rate of +/- 30%? I guess we can pretty much toss it out then! : )


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