Wednesday, July 30

From the High School Archives

It’s amazing what you can find on the Intertubes. Thinking back to high school (I know, the agony) I wondered if some of my stuff from the school newspaper was still there. It was. Lest it fall into further Interwebian oblivion, here are some keepers:

Some cartoons:
One of my friends (thanks Judd) on the staff got the crazy idea that I could do political cartoons. My first one managed to offend many, so I consider it a success. Feel free to be offended. For a high school newspaper I probably should have left the first letter of the profane verbages off, but I was trying to go for realism...

Reactions ranged from, “It was rude and inconsiderate” to “Hey I go to seminary and swear all the time--the cartoon was awesome!” The truth is, I was on a self-righteous anti-swearing brigade from age 14-18. (Not using profanity being the only thing that differentiated me from the jocks, of course. Well, that and dates.)

Trying to go a little more mainstream with this one--with a nod to my mother’s anti-mouse weapon of choice.

The last one was inspired by an AP Physics teacher who wouldn’t let us out during the fire alarms… we did have them almost daily though. Don’t let the phrase “AP Physics" fool you. I nearly failed that class, and it confirmed to me that I didn’t belong in the so-called “hard” sciences. Hello, Psych!

Some excerpts from an editorial (that portends my future in ersatz intellectual blogging):
Thank goodness for MTV
A bill was passed to take any talk of sex out of health classes. What next, taking God out of seminary? Or how about banning music from choir classes? I can imagine what it would be like during registration... "Let's see, I can take either 'Beginning Air Guitar', 'Plastic Child Development,' or 'Tonka Trucks Repair.'"

We're all just a bunch of little Dantes
In a recent issue of the Deseret News, Utah was said to be a very clean and moral state. In an article on the next page, 60% of Utah teens were said to be sexually active. Oh, I get it. Morality must mean not knowing anything. Since future Utah scientists won't know anything about AIDS, they can always work on finding a cure for hitchhiker's thumb or something else equally as important.

Not everyone has it as easy as Brian M*****
Why does Prom have to be so early? I know it wasn't as early as ***** High's Prom (February), but how am I supposed to get a date in such a short period of time? All right, I confess. I wouldn't be able to get a date if I had two years to try. But that is beside the point. I'm sure there are others who think Prom should be in May.
I loved being on the Newspaper staff. I often skipped other classes and stayed for hours after school rewriting headlines (if I didn’t think they were witty enough), and getting the paper ready. Being able to share some of my thoughts in print and know that at least three people would read it gave me a sense of satisfaction. I suppose that is why I blog. For those who are reading this, your IP addresses do not go unnoticed. Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Very cool. I wish that I had been on the Newspaper staff in high school. I have a lot of regrets about my high school experience. I guess the plus is that I value the person I've become more (not really sure how I managed the metamorphosis, I'm only glad that I did).

    I didn't have very strong opinions about things in high school (or at least I don't remember ever wanting to express them). Now it seems that when I do I back myself into a corner and get real narrow minded and end up offending people (which you claim is a "success"). I guess I'm just not into confrontation much, I'm not a very good debater. My wife on the other hand has enough opinions for the both of us (not all of which I entirely agree with)...

  2. Re: confrontation - I'm not that into it either, actually. Obviously I enjoy expressing my opinions, but I also like having them challenged... When I "debate" or discuss issues with people I try to keep my emotions in check, and also really try to listen to the other person--what I really can't stand is when two people are talking at each other but neither person is listening or furthering their understanding. Seems pointless.

    Re: offense - I was quite surprised by the backlash from the 1st cartoon, actually, as I thought that most people would see it as anti-hypocrisy, but rather many couldn't see past the words, i.e. it was not my intent to offend but that's what happened, and I learned a valuable lesson that sometimes some people are going to be offended no matter what you say.

  3. Ah, yeah... the school's paper archive. Last time I checked the J and D's restaurant reviews were still there. I managed to piss off the entire high school band my first year on staff by writing an "editorial" complaining about "band hall" and the inhabitants thereof. I ran into people years later who still knew my name and hated me simply because of that.

    I find it amusing that Judd, Sheena and at least myself all ended up in "real" jobs that seem to have direct correlation with our time on the paper staff.

  4. Hah! I think making people angry was our main duty there!


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