Thursday, July 3

New URL or: More bumptious self-aggrandizement. And websites.

Yesterday I paid $10 to register "" as my new URL. The old link will forward to this one, but you really should link to the new address instead because it's just like totally so much cooler.

Also, in my quest for finding the coolest websites (for the left column), I've found some real keepers:
  • Howcast - videos on how to do anything from cleaning your grill to making a move on the couch during a movie.
  • iliketotallyloveit - things that people buy, that they like totally love.
  • Robert Kirby - the only man in Salt Lake who writes stuff that the MOs, ex-MOs, and anti-MOs can all laugh at.
  • Urban Dictionary - gives an urban word of the day, like "carbon guilt."
Those are all under "The Others" heading--the other two are "News & Politics" (which, I need to point out, contains quite a balance on the political spectrum.  Possibly the most balanced news/blog feed, ever) and "Science & Religion."

Under "News" you can also find FactCheck, which tells us when politicians are equivocating, or just plain lying, (like Obama's new ad that says he worked his way through school, when according to his campaign staff he only worked two summers). Check out that site during the debates this November and you will be appalled at how often all the candidates distort everything.

They're constantly updating so there will always be all kinds of good stuff for your perusal.

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  1. I'm a simpleton of sorts. I like the iliketotallyloveit link. I've got some people in my life that I just don't have a clue what to buy them for a gift. The ray gun TV remote was kind of cool... This site might come in handy for gift ideas for "the man that has everything".


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