Wednesday, July 1

Roundup: Canadian Healthcare, Gov. Sanford, & Excommunication

  • Steve at The Zombie Chronicles once again reminds us why Obama's plan for health care will not be, for lack of a better word, socialist.
    He also lists a succinct dispelling of the myths about Canadian healthcare. For example, most Canadian doctors do not work for the government, and there are no waits for urgent or primary care. Granted, no system is perfect, but I agree with Steve--we need a major change, and the fear mongering gets us nowhere.

  • Apparently some friends of Beliefnet's Steven Waldman feel that because Governor Sanford was in love with his mistress, he deserves more sympathy. Really? I think that fact makes his affair a LOT worse--affairs are WAY more damaging when love is involved.
  • On Gay LDS Actor, an openly gay and believing Mormon writes about his recent excommunication from the church, as well as his experiences as he continues to attend the meetings and engage in the faith. It is profound, despite your religious (or lack of) persuasion.


  1. Thanks for the link!

    I think the Sanford thing is worse than what Edwards (ok, a kid IS bad), Spitzer or even Clinton did. None of those guys were planning on leaving their wife or professing love. They just wanted to get their, well, you know, wet. That is a lot different than having a literal "love" affair.

    I've always felt bad for gay LDS members (and others such as Catholics too) b/c I don't see very loving or Christ like attributes coming from the congregations (as a whole) or authority figures.

  2. That excommunication post is powerful stuff.

    Steve-I can't imagine how it would be to be LDS and gay or Catholic and gay. My heart has always gone out to those who are. What a difficult, dificult road it is.

  3. Thanks for the link to Cody's Blog. I read it with some interest and great respect for him and his family. He is unusual from my experience. I agree with Steve far too many in Mormondom are far too less understanding and forgiving than we ought to be on the road to Galillee.

  4. Those were some interesting links. I feel much more sympathy for Cody than Sanford.


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