Saturday, July 18

going through some blog changes - please leave a comment to see if everything is working

More than a few people have complained about the difficulty they have had commenting on my blog. One of my best friends even got so frustrated with it he said "I TRULY, TRULY, HATE this blog." Yes, we're still friends of course, but something had to change. I'm not much of a computer genius, but I thought if I completely scrapped the old template with all my inept hacks... perhaps it will start working better now.

On that note, please leave a comment (especially if you have had ANY trouble in the past commenting here - let me know what the trouble has been). Thanks in advance! If I don't get any comments, I'll know that there are still some bugs.


  1. Hope you are enjoying your summer :)

  2. I've had problems with commenting sometimes. I'll write my comment, try to post it, and have it reload with some kind of error message, where it then shows that I have to type in the word verification before it will post.

    Well, I just got an error message: Your request could not be processed. Please try again.

    But no place to enter any word verification. I'll try again.

    Okay, now I got the error message again and now word verification shows up.

    Would you start getting a lot of spam without the word verification?

  3. I've had that same problem on other blogs. I'm going to turn it off for now and see hot it goes.

    Thanks for the troubleshooting.

  4. This is just a scam to get comments.

  5. Really Andrew, if I wanted to get more comments, I'd write about stuff like circumcision or other topics that end up in obnoxiously long convos.


    Actually, I'm just jealous.

  6. AdamF-

    Hope this works!

  7. It wouldn't let me post my comment the first time around, it gave me an error message, but I hit post comment again and it took it. It did also throw me off the website to an error page after it posted. But hey, at least it posted this time and I didn't lose the comment completely.

  8. Thanks for letting me know Jen.

    What browser are you using, btw? Also, is it updated to the most recent version?

  9. I am using Internet Explorer right now, but I also use Mozilla Firefox, typically more often. I believe they are the most recent version as well. I will try to post another comment using Firefox and see if there is an issue with Explorer.

  10. I got kicked off again using Explorer, so I will see if I do using Firefox now.

  11. I didn't get kicked off this time using Firefox. It posted without a hitch.

  12. Interesting... one other person who complained uses Explorer.

    My wife uses Safari and was having all kinds of problems, but we updated her version and now it's fine I think.

  13. I've never heard of Safari. Explorer does give me problems with other things at times, so I prefer Firefox overall.

    Good luck getting all the kinks worked out. It's good to know I will be able to post comments now without a problem.

  14. I've been using firefox for a few weeks now. I absolutely LOVE adblock, and I like the tabs layout as well.

    Safari is the apple browser, but I believe it works on PCs as well. It has some neat stylish things, but no adblock, so I switched.

  15. Adam,

    I just spent 30 minutes writing you a really funny comment and some advice. When I hit post, the whole thing disappeared.

    Blogger sucks so bad, I refuse to comment on it any more. This is a rare exception to give you some free advice


  16. Since that one worked, I will remind you that Ethan Millard (SLC Spin), Utah Amicus (Rob Millerr), Jeff Bell and Ken Bingham all switched finally after a lot of bitching.

    Just do it. Your comments with increase 10 fold.

    PS: Frank Stahali is still holding out, but he will eventually come into the light too.

  17. Honestly, I is hard to overstate how bad blogger sucks.

    for example, I cannot believe I am going to re-enter my profile (selection) and name for the 3rd time in a row.

    Its really disrespectful of your readers.

  18. Thanks for the advice Cliff. I would totally be at wordpress if 1-the domain was only $10 a year like it is on google, and if I could have BOTH a cust header AND complete control over colors. I think that would do it. Are those things possible on wordpress? From what I have seen so far, they are not.

    BTW, what browser are you using?

  19. Adam, Of course all those things are possible with WordPress.

    I think you mean you are paying $10/mo for Google to HOST your domain, (same as wordpress) and you pay another $8-10/year to register your domain with a registrar?

    I use Firefox exclusivily. Nothing else comes close.

    btw: my navigation keys do not work in this comment editor. Nor does copy and paste. I have never seen this very agravating feature before.

  20. I pay $10 a year total, and nothing per month. The cheapest I have found on WordPress is around 5 or $6 a month I think. I may do that, but it still seems like a lot.

    I actually registered - but I looked extensively at the available templates and none of them have a custom header PLUS complete control over the colors. Perhaps I can get a little IT support? Can I email you?

    I like firefox as well too.

  21. Sure

  22. Well, I don't know, but I've never had a problem commenting on here! :) But I'll follow you wherever you go. I still feel Blogger is the best blogging service though.

  23. Well at least someone hasn't!

    I wonder what makes you different... browser? commenting skills?

    Zombie threats?

    I thought the difference was that it was easier for people who have their own blogger accounts, but then I got a complaint from someone who does, so blah. Who knows.


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